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What is self.

Society often conditions us to believe that the answers to our problems lie outside of ourselves. This 4-week 1:1 container is designed to help you recognize and unlock the true power that lies within you.

Through this personal growth journey, you'll experience transformational shifts, discover your untapped potential, and find a new sense of clarity, confidence, and purpose.


Here's what you can expect during our 4 weeks together:

🖤 A huge shift in mindset from self-doubt to self-belief

🖤 Identify your unique strengths, values, and potential, in order to tap into your true power.

🖤 The confidence to live your life the way you want to

🖤  A reconnection back to yourself and the ability to trust your intuition

🖤  Remove limiting beliefs that are holding you back and replace them with empowering ones

🖤  Create new positive habits and foster a deeper sense of self-love and acceptance

🖤 Accept the past, own your story, and find comfort and love in the growth process.

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Are you ready to...

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What's Included?

- Weekly 90-min call (4) 

- Journal and Worksheets

- Support throughout the month

- Tons of Resources


Payment plans are available!

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