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Whether you're a well-established company or just starting out, our goal is to help you create a business that stands out and aligns with your vision. With expertise in branding and marketing, we will work together to tell your story and help you build a business you love.


We are dedicated to providing unforgettable events for both online and local communities. Whether you’re looking to attend something we are hosting, or would like assistance planning something for your own business — we got you!

Click below to learn more about the third Dry Networking Event happening in Buffalo, NY on April 26th. Workshops Coming Soon!


amorae is 


Jennifer is one of a kind!  Truly!  I had one strategy session with Jenn, and immediately booked another.  The insights and strategies she shared are invaluable, and her expertise and professionalism is unmatched! She gave me the tools I needed to enhance my business, and honesty when it came to what she felt would better benefit my goals.

Jen M.

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