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Young Gay Stockings

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New subscriber as of today because I've been mooching off of Austin's generous and awesome blog and Friday newsletters for years! I've been in a reading slump too - thanks to the numbing powers of Twitter and Instagram - but of the 30 books I've read this year, I have several that got my 4-4.5 star rating (no one got a 5, but Ocean Vuong for "On Earth We Are Briefly Gorgeous".) I LOVE humorous travel writing and I also love cold stark climates (I'm a Minnesotan in Tex-ile) so "Artic Solitaire" by Paul Souders was a solid delight full of great photos too. For the Texans among you, I really liked the seemingly cheesy collection of essays, articles, stories in "Being Texan" that was published by Texas Monthly. Those folks can really curate. I had 2 random picks that I grabbed off of the new books shelf at my San Antonio library that blew me away this year: "I Will Die in a Foreign Land" by Kalani Pickhart is an incredible lyrical story about the 2013-2014 battles in Ukraine. I was transfixed and need to read again!! "After Parties" by Anthony So moodily brought to life a culture (Cambodian) and experience (as a young gay man in that culture) that was super transporting. Maybe for the last 29 days of December, I can finish strong by setting up my apps to shut down by 8pm so I can read like I used to!

Besides all this plenteousness in the commissary department, the good lady brought out wonderful specimens of her own handiwork in the form of knit muffles, fine yarn stockings, and colored wristlets, that she had been years in knitting for Sarah's outfit when she should be called upon to undertake this perilous adventure into the great world.

There was nothing in all this very wonderful, but people turned to look at the group with more than usual interest, as it passed, for Sarah had all her mother's fresh beauty, with nameless graces of refinement, which made her a very lovely young creature to look upon.

The spring was just putting forth its first buds, and Sarah forgot the chilliness within as she saw the branches of a young apple-tree, flushed with the first tender green, drooping over the wall. It reminded her pleasantly of the orchard at home.

Poor Sarah gazed after him till her eyes were blinded with unshed tears, then she arose with a heavy heart and followed Madame to the room which was henceforth to be her refuge from the most dreary routine of duties that ever a poor girl was condemned to. It was a comfort that the windows overlooked that beautiful garden. That night, at a long, narrow table, set out with what the unsuspecting girl at first considered the preliminaries of a meal, Sarah met the score of young ladies who were to be her schoolmates. Fortunately she had no appetite and did not mind the scant fare. Fifteen or twenty girls, some furtively, others boldly, turning their eyes upon her, was enough to frighten away the appetite of a less timid person.

Then they rumaged among Mr. Salteenas things and Procurio got very intelligent and advised Mr. Salteena to were his black evening suit and role up his trousers. He also lent him a pair of white silk stockings which he fastened tightly round his knees with red rosettes. Then he quickly cut out a star in silver paper and pinned it to his chest and also added a strip of red ribbon across his shirt front. Then Mr. Salteena survayed himself in the glass. Is it a fancy dress party he asked.

Not half bad cried the earl try on the hat Salteena it is on my bed. Mr. Salteena placed it on his head and the feathers and gold braid became him very well but he felt very jellous of the earl who looked a sight for the gods. He had proper satin knickerbockers with diamond clasps and buckled shoes and black silk stockings which showed up his long fine legs. He had a floppy shirt of softist muslin with real lace collar and cuffs. A sword hung at his side and a crimson sash was round his waist and a splendid cocked hat on his head. His blue eyes twinkled as he pulled on a pair of white kid gloves. 041b061a72

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