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FlipAnim , ! [UPD]

FlipAnimNameTomasz WitkowskiAlternate Account(s)FlipAnimEveryone!CitizenshipPolishGenderMaleFriend(s)FlipAnimStatusActive (rarely)Hobby/HobbiesModerating FlipAnimSocial MediaEmail Addresscontact@flipanim.comFacebook@FlipAnimTwitter@flipanimStatisticsRegistered on12.12.2016Features4Followers6000+Likes13000+Animations30+PopularityHigh

FlipAnim , !


flipanim_project__.flipanim - The default filename given to FlipAnim projects downloaded as FLIPANIM files. The YYYYMMDD stands for the year, month, and day the file was downloaded and the TTTT stands for the time it was downloaded. For example, a FLIPANIM file downloaded on March 3, 2020 at 11:23 am is named flipanim_project_20200303_1123.flipanim.

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