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U-he Repro-1 [OSX-LiNUX] !EXCLUSIVE!

Repro-1 is an extremely capable monophonic synthesizer plugin. I have never owned the original hardware, but it sounds like a great competitor to the Minimoog. It can be very smooth if it has to be, but can also cut through with more of a raw, edgy/gritty type of sound. I love the sound of the many presets included, and they really show off its important qualities. The manual is great, and the price is a bargain for how much has been included in this high-quality synth. As usual, u-he hits another home run. I guess that is just par for the course.

u-he Repro-1 [OSX-LiNUX]

Download Zip:

The best part about Hive 2 is its low CPU usage, its wide range of scope in its overall functionality, and its well-thought-out GUI. Also, the official manual for the plugin released by u-he is well-made and informative.

Originally, a German music publication called Amazona wanted to create an affordable analog synth based on features and ideas from their readers but did not have the resources to. Fortunately, u-he took this concept and turned their idea into a free software synthesizer, which is how the plugin came into existence.

Considered a hybrid between the u-he ACE synth and Juno-106, Tyrell N6 is one of the best free synthesizers, as it features a wide range of analog sounds in an organized and simplified interface. Lastly, the sophisticated analog modeling done in the software is evident when you listen to the sound of it. 041b061a72

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